Introduction: Under Armour’s Influence on the Golf Course

Under Armour has established itself as a sports apparel and accessories titan, championing innovation and performance. This is nowhere more evident than on the golf course, where precision, comfort, and style intersect to enhance the player’s game. Under Armour’s commitment to equipping golfers with high-performance gear is exemplified through its sponsorship of some of the sport’s most talented and promising figures. Names like Matt Fitzpatrick, Hunter Mahan, Jordan Spieth, Maverick McNealy, and Alison Lee stand out, not just for their exceptional skill and dedication to golf but also for their choice of apparel that meets the demands of the sport.

For golf enthusiasts across the UK, Function18 emerges as the bridge to this world of elite performance wear. With over two decades of experience sourcing designer golf clothing, Function18 offers an extensive collection of Under Armour products. Whether braving the British weather or aiming to make a statement on the local golf course, Function18 ensures you have access to apparel that sets you apart, mirroring the professional choice of these top athletes.

This connection between professional choice and amateur access underscores Function18’s mission: to bring the cutting-edge look and performance demanded by the fashion-conscious golfer to everyone. As we delve into the careers and choices of Under Armour’s sponsored golfers, let’s explore how their gear enhances their game and how Function18 makes this elite technology accessible to golfers at all levels.

With his remarkable precision on the golf course, Matt Fitzpatrick embodies the spirit of modern golf. His journey from a promising young talent to a formidable force in international golf tournaments is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Fitzpatrick’s choice of Under Armour apparel is a crucial part of his performance strategy, offering him the comfort and technology needed to stay at the top of his game.

Under Armour’s golf wear, known for its innovative fabrics that regulate body temperature and ensure comfort throughout the round, aligns perfectly with Fitzpatrick’s meticulous approach to the game. The moisture-wicking technology and stretchable materials allow for an unrestricted swing, mirroring Fitzpatrick’s adaptability and focus under pressure.

At Function18, golfers can find a curated selection of Under Armour’s golf apparel that champions the same qualities admired in Fitzpatrick. Whether it’s the resilience needed to face the unpredictable British weather or the desire for a sleek, professional look on the course, Function18 provides access to gear that upholds performance and style. The connection between Fitzpatrick’s choice of apparel and the options available at Function18 highlights a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in golf.

As Fitzpatrick continues to make his mark on the world stage, his gear — meticulously chosen for its performance-enhancing features — inspires golfers everywhere. Through Function18, enthusiasts can embody the same spirit of precision and performance that Fitzpatrick showcases, bringing professional-grade technology to their local greens.


Hunter Mahan, a seasoned golfer with an impressive career, brings a wealth of experience to the course every time he plays. His longstanding relationship with Under Armour underscores a mutual commitment to quality and performance that withstands the test of time and the rigours of professional golf. Mahan’s choice of apparel reflects a deep understanding of what it takes to maintain peak performance throughout a tournament and across seasons.

Under Armour’s dedication to creating durable, comfortable, high-performing gear resonates with veterans like Mahan, who value reliability and consistency in their game. The brand’s golf clothing, engineered with advanced fabrics that offer UV protection, moisture management, and all-day comfort, supports Mahan’s need for gear that performs under the varying conditions of tour play.

Function18 recognises the importance of such dependable gear for golfers at all levels. The platform offers a range of Under Armour products that embody the veteran golfer’s choice, ensuring that enthusiasts can access the same level of quality and performance. From weather-resistant jackets to breathable polos, Function18 caters to the discerning golfer seeking to emulate the professionalism and resilience of players like Hunter Mahan.

Mahan’s journey in the golfing world, marked by achievements and challenges, illustrates the critical role of reliable apparel in achieving longevity in the sport. Through Function18, golfers across the UK can equip themselves with Under Armour gear that meets the veteran’s standards, blending tradition with innovation to enhance their play on any course.

Jordan Spieth, a name synonymous with golfing excellence, has captured the world’s attention through his remarkable achievements and resilience. Spieth’s relationship with Under Armour is not just about sponsorship; it’s a partnership that has seen the development of golf apparel specifically designed to meet the demands of championship-level play. His gear, embodying the pinnacle of golf apparel technology, plays a pivotal role in his performance, particularly in high-stakes tournaments.

Under Armour’s gear, chosen by Spieth, features cutting-edge technologies such as temperature-regulating fabrics and precision-engineered fits that enhance mobility. This allows Spieth to maintain focus and comfort, whether navigating The Open’s unpredictable conditions or the pressure-packed greens of Augusta. The synergy between athlete and apparel is evident in Spieth’s ability to perform at his best under various conditions, a testament to the quality of Under Armour’s offerings.

Function18 offers golf enthusiasts access to this championship-quality gear, mirroring the commitment to excellence seen in Spieth’s choice of apparel. Whether you’re an aspiring champion or a weekend golfer, Function18’s selection of Under Armour products provides the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. The platform ensures that every golfer can find the gear that suits their needs, inspired by the standards of players like Jordan Spieth.

Spieth’s journey, marked by determination and a relentless pursuit of victory, inspires golfers everywhere. Through Function18, the same technology that supports Spieth’s championship pursuits is made available to golfers across the UK, allowing them to elevate their game with gear at the forefront of golf apparel innovation.

Maverick McNealy stands out for his skill on the golf course and his forward-thinking approach to the game, including his golf apparel choice. As a rising star, McNealy’s partnership with Under Armour highlights a mutual interest in innovation and the use of intelligent technology in sportswear. This collaboration is about pushing boundaries in performance and integrating sustainability and advanced technology in golf apparel.

Under Armour’s commitment to innovation is showcased in the gear chosen by McNealy, featuring garments that are not only high-performing but also environmentally conscious. These include items made from recycled materials and designed with sustainability in mind without compromising on the quality and performance that golfers demand. The apparel supports McNealy’s dynamic play style with its flexibility, breathability, and durability, ensuring that he remains at the peak of his game in all conditions.

Function18 embraces this innovative spirit by offering golfers access to Under Armour’s latest advancements in golf wear. The platform caters to the new generation of golfers who, like McNealy, are looking for gear that combines performance with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Through Function18, customers can explore Under Armour products that reflect the cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices increasingly crucial to the sport.

McNealy’s approach to golf and his choice of apparel reflect a broader trend towards innovation and sustainability in the sport. By featuring Under Armour’s forward-thinking gear, Function18 enables golfers to make choices that enhance their performance on the course and align with their values. As McNealy continues to make his mark, his gear serves as a beacon for the future of golf apparel, available to all through Function18.

Alison Lee, an influential figure in women’s golf, brings a unique blend of style and performance to the course, embodying the modern golfer’s ethos. Her collaboration with Under Armour is a testament to the brand’s dedication to supporting female athletes with functional and fashionable apparel. Lee’s choice of Under Armour gear reflects her dynamic approach to the game, where performance-enhancing technology meets cutting-edge design.

Under Armour’s women’s golf line, as championed by Lee, incorporates UV protection, moisture-wicking fabrics, and stretchable materials that provide comfort and flexibility, enabling players like Lee to focus on their game without compromise. This gear supports peak performance and ensures female golfers can express their style on the course.

Function18 is committed to making this innovative and stylish women’s golf apparel accessible to a broader audience. The platform offers an array of Under Armour products that cater to fashion-conscious players, ensuring that women golfers can find attire that reflects their style and meets their performance needs. With exclusive designs and the latest in golf apparel technology, Function18 ensures that every golfer, regardless of gender, has access to the best gear.

Alison Lee’s partnership with Under Armour and her success on the golf course highlights the importance of quality apparel in achieving excellence. Her choice of gear, available through Function18, inspires female golfers to confidently pursue their passion for the game, equipped with attire that perfectly balances style and functionality.

The journeys of Under Armour-sponsored golfers Matt Fitzpatrick, Hunter Mahan, Jordan Spieth, Maverick McNealy, and Alison Lee illuminate the critical role of high-quality, performance-driven apparel in golf. Each athlete, with their unique needs and styles, showcases the versatility and innovation of Under Armour’s offerings. From the precision and performance demanded by Fitzpatrick to the stylish functionality embodied by Alison Lee, Under Armour meets the diverse requirements of top golfers, enhancing their game and confidence on the course.

Function18 plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem, bridging the gap between professional golfers and the wider golfing community. By offering an extensive selection of Under Armour golf apparel, Function18 ensures that golf enthusiasts across the UK can access the same performance and style as their idols. Whether it’s gear that withstands the unpredictable British weather or apparel that sets them apart in performance and fashion, Function18 provides golfers with the tools to elevate their game.

This exploration of Under Armour’s impact through its sponsored athletes highlights the importance of quality golf apparel and reinforces Function18’s commitment to bringing its customers the best in golf wear. The partnership between Under Armour and Function18 mirrors the evolving landscape of golf, where tradition meets innovation and where every golfer, regardless of their level, can find the gear that meets their needs and aspirations.

As the game of golf continues to grow and evolve, the collaboration between athletes, brands, and retailers like Function18 ensures that all players have access to the apparel that will support their journey, inspire their performance, and celebrate their style on and off the course.